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Nightingale Pilates News - May 2024

Hello to everyone currently in classes, online or patiently waiting.

Here is the news you need for next term courses & events so far.


Thank you for all your fantastic efforts in classes so this term - I have absolutely LOVED teaching you Pilates with an Isometrics focus - amazing strength gains throughout the term, wall bears & wide bottoms it's been so much fun!


Classes end Thursday 30th May and then a pause for my June holiday until the next courses start on: Tuesday 18th June 2024, Wednesday 19th June, Thursday 27th June.


This term I have added another new class for you - a Spinecare one at Thursday 515pm.

We can see how it fits into our new schedule & hopefully adds another swap option for you all and will allow you lovely folk on the waitlist a chance to start your Pilates.


It is my absolute joy to teach, observe, adapt, discuss, listen & laugh with you.


Thank you.

Rachel xx


Next term courses

Start on the 18th June x 7 weeks for Tuesday & Wednesday classes & the 27th June x 6 weeks for Thursday classes. As you may have noticed I have popped a new class at 515pm on a Thursday just for next term - lets see how we go. Some courses have been filled with priority booking but there are always spaces available if you are quick.

At the time of writing this, we have space in the following classes:


Tuesday 2pm.

Wednesday 1015am (2)

Thursday 515pm


Thank you so much to everyone for booking. Head to the booking links / website to grab the last spaces.


Our Swapboard

Brilliant, after trailing this, the feedback was sooo good from clients we now have it integrated into the website for you to make your own class swap (see pic here of what you will see when clicking on the link)

This is an excellent service, meaning you never have to miss a class.

Please remember to always remove yourself from your class before booking onto another. This works so well when you offer up the space you cannot attend, it puts lots of swaps available. Thank you for your efforts & honesty making this work. Here is a link if you'd like to look. Only clients booked into courses can access it fully with a secure password that must not be shared. New course dates will be inputted at the end of this term (30th May) ready for you to start swapping (if you are booked into next term classes)


Practical Pelvic Health Workshop

It was great! Thank you to everyone who came along - do let me know if you would like another one or would be interested in attending.

I will help you understand & support this important part of your body. Workshop will include: The basics of your Pelvic Floor, how to find it, how to move it. The importance of your breath, letting go... Prolapse, surgery, rehab discussion. Books & Course recommendations. A Practical class perfect for giving a little love to your Pelvic Floor Muscles. Lots of gentle encouragement, support & giggles. This one was Full.




If you are currently waiting for a space in class please join us online in our private Facebook group. There is a live class every week which records into the group for you to do at a time that suits your schedule. We follow the same theme as in-person courses so it's very good value & great to double up your movement. I love teaching with our online community.

Thank you to all who are there - you are very very appreciated.

Next new course start's Tuesday June 18th.


3- 1's, 2-1's & 1-1's

I am delighted to be able to offer options for these options again in June. I have loved the bespoke sessions both in the studio and online over the last term. If you would like to start booking 2 - 1's (duos) & 3 - 1's (trios) to help with cost & to do with your friends, family or a class buddy, please let me know. A special bespoke treat.


Thank you so much for your patience & interest.


Thank you to every person that I have the privilege to work with. This little business is such a wonderful community of people & camaraderie, you are amazing and I am a very lucky teacher to know you.


Rachel x


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