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Hello, I'm Rachel

Rachel the pilates instructor sitting on an exercise ball in front of a large mirror

I am a passionate advocate for the power of moving the body! More than anything, I am a teacher of movement. Throughout my life and work I have always tried to help people understand that the way we live, move and act has a direct impact on our health and mental and physical wellbeing. I believe any person, regardless of age or ability, can benefit from the Pilates method and its principles. 


Exercise and sport have always been a great source of happiness in my life. My sporting life started with a love of athletics at school and led to playing National league Volleyball, Basketball, & Korfball. I have over 25 years of experience in physical movement, education & training, with a broad knowledge of fitness, anatomy & physiology. I am a qualified Physical Education teacher. My professional development never stops – I am very lucky to be able to learn from so many inspiring teachers, tutors & professionals.


I have a history of back pain. I have had episodes that have left me incapacitated for days and even weeks. I understand back pain. Around 8 years ago, there was a definite change in the way my spine felt. Once diagnosed, I embarked upon a year of rehabilitation with physiotherapy and Pilates - it was this experience that really changed my life. I redirected my career and put all my energy into teaching Pilates & making it accessible for all.

My classes are an education for your body & mind, full of variety, well planned progressions,  comradery & laughter.


I bring a sense of fun and learning to classes that will help you discover the joy of movement, become more aware of your body, build strength and flexibility and improve your emotional well-being.

Regular Pilates goers will tell you that what you experience by practicing & learning the method, kind of grows within you, lays down roots, imprints on your body & mind, enabling you to live & use it’s principles in your everyday life - Pilates magic.


I choose Pilates for exercise, to educate my body, still my mind & nourish my spine! Pilates is a fantastic addition to your life, either on its own or alongside your chosen sport. I hope my courses will educate you, inspire you & help you to move better.

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