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Feedback from my amazing clients

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher your patience fun and expertise are all amazing I just love my classes each week and I'm so sad if I ever can't come it's wonderful to be part of such a fun and inspiring group of strong women who support each other to be successful plus I get to learn about human anatomy as an added extra - whoop!

Sarah Babajee

Rach thank you for being so amazing during lockdown. I have loved my online pilates with you it has been a wonderful uplifting nourishing time for me you are an inspiration for so many thank you

Anna Falcke

You fabulous woman I can't thank you enough for how brilliant you've been in this crisis keeping us all laughing and motivated you are an inspiration.

Rachel C

Rachel’s sessions are brilliant as they make me keep trying and keep me mobile and relatively fit, and I know I’d have lost a lot of that if you hadn’t been there to motivate me Rachel, so thank you so much.

Bing Hobson

You are a marvel, I love pilates and know I will always practice it.

Rachel Whiteford

The energy and positivity that comes into my home when I join in your classes is absolutely exceptional. I love everything about the virtual classes and I always end up laughing at some point!

Jess Porter

Really enjoy the classes & your energy & dedication Rachel,. It's taken a while to settle into a routine working from home 3 days a week & finding the most suitable days & times to do classes. A great variety of classes, 45 mins is a good length, with the option of a full hour. Well done for all your hard work.

Hilary Rydon

I think Rachel Nightingale is a uniquely talented instructor with a totally professional attention to technique combined with fantastic empathy and a great sense of humour- a star.

Dawn Kelly

I love coming to class because it's more than just a pilates class. It's an hour of positivity and escapism made better by you. I have made myself cry now typing that.

April Blackmore

It honestly does feel like you ARE with me in my living room push me when I'm slacking & never fail to make me chuckle

Claire Millett

Since attending Rachel’s Spine Safe Pilates Classes I can honestly say I feel so much better. No more electric shocks in my spine. Yay. I now feel like I have hope, after I’d almost given up and had an operation. I feel more my age and more confidence when moving. Rachel is excellent at teaching and patient too. Her classes are fun. I really feel like I’ve had a workout.Highly recommended. Thank you Rach x

Mandy Hawker

Rache's class is brilliant. I always leave feeling wonderfully stretched and relaxed. I love the positions we do, I like the way Rachel moves around the class to help everyone individually and I LOVE the relaxation at the end. At times it almost feels like you are having a 1-2-1 class. Her experience as a PE teacher as well as her passion for Pilates is evident. I would highly recommend these classes to everyone.

Faye Simcox

If you want to try pilates for the first time, Rachel's classes are really brilliant! I've felt welcomed and enjoyed every class. She's great! Six months later I can't imagine not doing pilates, it's been such a wholesome thing to do and the best part of my week. Thanks Rachel

Jess Agnew

Rach has changed my body! I feel so different and I know this is what I will be doing for years to come. I feel strong, supple and toned and I didn't use to. Rach describes the moves and areas of focus so visually that I find I am able to follow and really concentrate in ways that other classes have not helped me do. I love these classes.

Bec Goddard

Firstly, sessions with Nightingale Pilates are always friendly, engaging and welcoming, testament to Rachel who has an amazing balance of professionalism, engagement and fun. I started the classes following recommendation from my fiancée, seeking to relieve some of the tension/stress of office based work and improve my range of movement for surfing. Joining has provided so much more and the Saturday morning sessions really set you up for the weekend.

Rachel has eyes like a hawk, so even in a group setting you feel like you are getting 1-2-1 tuition. She draws on experiences from broader than just Pilates to condition your mind and body for more challenging moves, week on week through the term techniques get more complex with plenty of variation. If this isn’t enough to keep you coming back Rachel’s commitment and enthusiasm certainly will.

Gareth Mason

Rachel’s approach to teaching Pilates is really creative, each term has a slightly different focus to keep things interesting. Her classes are always a good balance of traditional Pilates moves, cardio, strength and stretching which means there’s something for everyone and a workout for your whole body. Throughout the class, she ensures your body is in exactly the right alignment to get the full benefit from the exercise and individually adjusts you if needed.  She knows everyone’s personal strengths and weaknesses and tailors her classes to suit, offering modifications to exercises and feedback where needed. Since I’ve been attending Rachel’s classes I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my core strength, which has reduced my lower back and sciatic pain and improved my posture.

Matt Gamlin

Rachel Nightingale is probably the best pilates teacher in the world. Freedom is what I get when I do pilates.  Freedom to love my body and to stretch it real good.Freedom to let go and find some stillness in a busy mind. Freedom is learning pilates from Rachel. Rachel gives so much support to help me to grow and to feel better about myself and my body.

Richard Latcham

I have always strived to have a strong and healthy body, but with an aging body I felt that there was a need to set myself fresh challenges in order to maintain and develop levels of fitness, balance, flexibility and agility. So, not knowing quite what to expect, I joined one of Rachel Nightingale’s Pilates classes.  Wow!  I was hooked the sessions are hard work; but Rachel is a highly skilled, caring and experienced teacher who makes the sessions fun whilst breaking down the various exercises into stages of progression which meet the needs of the students be, they a novice or experienced.

Students also learn how their bodies move. Rachel incorporates into the session’s modern knowledge about the body, recent developments in exercise science, spinal care, pelvic and shoulder stabilization and anatomised concepts of a neutral spine and pelvis. In these fun innovative classes core strength is built giving balance to body and mind, rehabilitating the body alleviating any pain and reducing the likelihood of future injuries.

Christopher Buckley

I joined Rachel‘s Pilates classes in January 2018 having heard that she was an excellent teacher and offered spine safe classes. I am 74  years old and have osteoporosis. I have also had two half knee replacements! I have thoroughly enjoyed every class and I feel very safe doing the movements. Rachel knows how the body works and explains  everything very well! I have really missed the classes during this coronavirus lock down and I’m looking forward to joining face-to-face classes again soon.

Sally Wright

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