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nightingale pilates bristol

Pilates Class

What to expect

I teach a contemporary approach to the pilates method, a fusion of Joseph Pilates moves, spinecare exercises, functional training & relaxation techniques. We focus on the guiding principles of breathing, alignment, centring, control, concentration, precision & flow. Looking to move with ease & grace, stretch & strength. When we can combine these things together, it really makes a magical movement experience.

There are various schools of Pilates, each with its own approach to delivering Joseph Pilates work. I try  to make pilates as accessible as possible to everyone - all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, genders & body condition.


General classes take you progressively & safely towards Joe Pilates original 34 moves. We follow varied & different themes each course. Increasing pace, complexity & content as the weeks go on. All courses carefully planned for success & enjoyment.

Our Services

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