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Nightingale News - February 2024

Hello to everyone currently in classes or patiently waiting.

Here is the news you need for next term courses & events so far.

Thank you for all your fantastic efforts in classes so far this term - it's almost time to transition our way to Term 3 January 2024, so please read on for all course dates & booking details.

I have loved our 5 weeks rockin n' rollin n' matadoring! Wonderful work from you all. 1 week to go!

Classes end Thursday 15th February and then a short pause until the next courses start on w/c Monday 4th March.

It is my absolute joy to teach, observe, adapt, discuss, listen & laugh with you.

This term more than ever.

Thank you.

Rachel xx


Next term courses

Start the w/c 4th March x 4 weeks. Some courses will have been filled with priority booking but there are always spaces available if you are quick. If you are waiting for a particular class time do let me know as spaces sometimes become available throughout the course. Thank you so much to everyone for booking. Head to the booking links / website to grab the last spaces.


Practical Pelvic Health Workshop.

I will be working on running one of these workshops on Thursday 21st March and/or Saturday 23rd March (depending on availability)

1 in 3 women suffer issues at some time in their lives. A woman's health physio is your go to for professional treatment. This workshop will educate & empower you. Please register your interest & find out more here:



If you are currently waiting for a space in class maybe join us online in our private facebook group. There is a live class every week which records into the group for you to do at a time that suits your schedule. I love our online family & dancing around the screens with you. Thank you to all who are there - you are very very appreciated.



My sincere apologies to all those waiting for 1-1 appointments. I just have not had the capacity to get these back up and running yet. I am working on a new schedule so very much hope to be able to get some slots to you soon. Thank you so much for your patience & interest.


That's all for now.

See you on the mat, behind the screen, at a workshop, in the studio or around our community.

Thanks again everyone & remember all movement is good movement!

Move to the music of your own body & the rhythm of your breath. Good morning Barbara!



PS: if anyone would like a knee pad like the one I have class - please send me a message and I will order for you. I am putting in an order tomorrow for new mini loop bands.

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