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pilates in bristol

Nightingale Pilates

Pilates in Bristol

Nightingale Pilates delivers a unique blend of Rachel’s skills as a Pilates teacher & Physical Education specialist 
All our classes are inclusive, with a warm friendly relaxed environment, enabling you to learn to the best of your ability.

Rachel sitting on the class floor next to an exercise ball.

I am a passionate advocate for the power of moving the body! More than anything, I am a teacher of movement. Throughout my life and work I have always tried to help people understand that the way we live, move and act has a direct impact on our health and mental and physical wellbeing. I believe any person, regardless of age or ability, can benefit from the method and its principles.

“ I have always found teaching incredibly rewarding, I love being a teacher. I love to learn and I love to pass on my knowledge & experience. I am inspired by so many people & forms of movement. Most of all I am inspired by the wonderful people I feel so very lucky to work with - my clients”

Rachel Nightingale

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What is Pilates?

There is no simple phrase that encapsulates all that Pilates is.

It is a method of body conditioning that can enhance your physical strength, flexibility & coordination. 

It can improve your mental focus & promote a heightened sense of wellbeing. 

It is a unique system of stretching & strengthening exercises that can enhance your posture, enabling you to stand tall at any age. 

Pilates can be gentle, relaxing & nourishing  or dynamic, paced & rejuvenating

Pilates can be for everyone.

Pilates In Bristol
Group class laying on the floor mats

Joseph Pilates (1883 to 1967)

Joseph Pilates was the genius who devised this unique method of exercise, which is performed on both mat and apparatus. During his long lifetime Joe called his method  ‘controlology’  you can read all about it in his book ‘Return to life’ (1945)


At its heart, is the idea of integrating whole-body movements with your mind and your breath. His vision was to empower people to take care of themselves through regular practice. He strongly believed that we each have to take responsibility for our own health. The link between happiness, health & fitness was Pilates’s passion. 

Quite a visionary in so many ways - the ideal lifestyle attained only through a balance of the physical, mental & spiritual.

I teach a contemporary approach to the Pilates method, a fusion of Joseph Pilates moves, spine care exercises, functional training & relaxation techniques. We focus on the guiding principles of breathing, alignment, centering, control, concentration, precision & flow. Looking to move with ease & grace, stretch & strength. When we can combine these things together, it really makes a magical movement experience.

There are various schools of Pilates, each with its own approach to delivering Joseph Pilates work. I try to make pilates as accessible as possible to everyone - all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, genders & body conditions.


General classes take you progressively & safely towards Joe Pilates original 34 moves. We follow varied & different themes in each course. Increasing pace, complexity & content as the weeks go on. All courses carefully planned for success & enjoyment.


Spinecare classes take you progressively & safely through a selection of Pilates movements & exercises aimed to nourish your spine, your mind, your whole body. Carefully planned & slower-paced, these classes leave you with a sense of freedom & a feeling of length from head to toe. 

Pilates Class in Bristol
Bristol Pilates Classes

Spinecare CLASSES are suitable for most of us with low back pain, disc issues, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, stenosis, spondylothesis & other spinal conditions. 

If you are new to pilates these are a perfect introduction.

Both types of classes will aim to improve muscle balance, mobility, strength & stability.  We practice functional movements to develop our balance, standing strength & co-ordination to help with your day to day activities.

Above all my passion for movement is reflected in all the classes I teach. They are filled with laughter, enjoyment & comradeship, empowering you to be the very best you can.

Nightingale Pilates delivers a unique blend of Rachel’s skills as a Pilates teacher & Physical Education specialist.  
All our classes are inclusive, with a warm, friendly, relaxed environment, that welcomes everyone.

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. our interpretation of physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactory performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure”

Return to Life through Contrology, Joseph Pilates

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Online Pilates

The online Nightingale @Home package gives you different 'Live' sessions

Spine Care Pilates

General Pilates & Relaxation

Pilates & Fitness 

Access to all the recordings so you can choose a time that suits you to practice

A private Facebook group for chat & discussion

Varied challenges & separate mobility & stretching routines

It's a very fun, inclusive, welcoming community!

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